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24 January 2018

Spectacular Winter sailing Weather in San Diego

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Once again San Diego is experiencing a fantastic “winter” gray whale watching season. The days are just spectacular with only a rare storm passing by to disturb the otherwise 70 degree atmosphere & flat calm sea conditions which are perfect for both yacht crews to find the whales and for guest viewing. On Saturday 20th a small but enthusiastic group from Rancho Valencia Resort headed off on the amazing schooner AMERICA for a run to the ocean in search of whales. Alas on this day the seas were high from a passing storm and the effects of 15 Knot overnight winds. Those winds provided the best of sailing conditions for the big yacht back in the bay when whales were not an option. The guests were a little disappointed that they missed the whales but the big winds are what the crew of AMERICA hope for from time to time so this big 139 Ft yacht can blow off the cobwebs as she charges through San Diego Bay delivering the most exhilarating of yachting experiences.

Schooner AMERICA under full sail into San Diego Bay


A Gray Whale dives with San Diego in the background


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