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23 January 2018

Restaurants You Can Sail To On San Francisco Bay

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Food gets everybody’s attention… I thought you might like to see the myriad of restaurants available on all sides of San Francisco Bay that you can easily get to from a yacht. On Friday 19 SF Gate published a short intro to places you can take a yacht to for dining, and if there is anything we remember about being on the water it is that “it makes you hungry”!

Now……I wish I could get each of ‘my’ yachts to all these beautiful food venues, but in reality in such a huge bay there are still only a handful of public docks that can accommodate big yachts like mine. You’ll see on the list that those big docks are marked with an asterisk * and compliment the many options at our own Pier 39 dock location. Note also that all of these listed restaurants are on the water or within 3 blocks of a listed dock. Bottom line…is that there are options to step off a nice charter yacht and have atmosphere, food & beverage close at hand. Click here to see the article and proceed to the ‘list’

USA76 nice image on San Francisco Bay

USA76 – Unique 84 Ft America’s Cup yacht for up to 20 guests for team-building & corporate off-site fun & client entertaining.

Based at Pier 39….lots of food options at this Pier, a short walk to anything in the Fisherman’s Wharf area or East along the Embarcadero.

Wish we could take this big yacht to more restaurant docks, but our size & depth restricts us. BUT… is secondary to the experience on this super cool yacht.

Yacht Derek M Baylis for charter

DMB – (Derek M Baylis) This custom & unique 65 Ft yacht can serve it’s own food & beverages while you are having an awesome sail. BUT it can also access most of the dock & dine locations you’ll see in the ‘list’.

Licensed for 42 this special vessel is very comfortable up to 30 people, eating, drinking, laughing…..of my 2 big yachts this is the ‘party’ boat!

Consider this combination of the biggest, fastest yachts in San Francisco.


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